Sailboat Racing

We race these one design classes of radio controlled model yachts according to the Racing Rules of Sailing and the club’s SAILING INSTRUCTIONS:

Soling 1 Meter (S1M)

RG65 or Dragon Force 65

Dragon Flite 95

We race S1M and DF95 class boats the first and third Saturday of each month from April through November, rotating among the ponds we use. Each race begins at 1 PM and finishes at 3 PM. A race consists of multiple heats of about 15 minutes, with separate heat starts for each class.

We race the RG65, or Dragon Force 65, class on alternate Tuesday afternoons at Elmwood Park from 1 PM until 3 PM.

These are the scores for club races.

We also participate as a club in open and invitational regattas held by

Western Reserve Model Yacht Club
Edgewater Yacht Club

American Model Yachting Association membership and a signed waver for the pond you will use is required to participate in racing with our club. You may race as a guest two times each year. Join our club to enjoy model yacht racing all the time.

You are welcome to watch us race as often as you like.

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